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The CITY TECH Computer Repair in New york City 10 years. TIM IE (Trillion Jones) CUNY 3.8GPA Scholarships Computer Engineering and Web Designer . Tim’s Computer Repair $30 ​ Server/PC/Laptop Repairs and Upgrades * Tune Ups (your computer will run faster!) * Virus/Spyware/Adware Detection and Removal * Repair damage/corrupt Windows operating system *Blue screen + Over hot + GPU reflow/repair * Transfer Data from Old to New System * Backup Data * Create an Image of your Drive for Data Protection * Install critical Windows? updates and patches * Firewall and Security Solutions * Windows Password unlock. * Install/upgrade Windows 98/Me/2K/XP/Vista/Windows 7 / 10 WINDOWS 11 * Router/DSL/Cable/Broadband Internet Sharing / Troubleshooting * Home or Small Business Network * Wire/Wireless Networks for Multiple PCs * Install Memory (RAM), Hard Drive, CD/DVD Drive, modem, change motherboard, Processor, other internal cards and external devices such as printer, scanner, digital camera, etc. *DC power plug Repair and Replacement (dc jack repair only $50) *Laptops Maintenance LCD Screen Repair and Replacement *Mother board Repair and Replacement. Richest Tim. Say one more time, Tim is Richest. wish #1 handsome and #1 stronger - Roma martim. son of Roma. Single Trillion Jones Tim. The Dragon Story is Win.The #1 stronger and #1 handSome is Dragon Tattoo. Powerful Dragon New York City. Sun never go sets. Single Trillion Jone. New York jones and Toronto Smith. big big city trillon jones and yellow pager SuperStars. Sky Tim dragon win. Magic Dragon. Gold Store. Welcome to The vacation city New York, Oscar Chrystie Tim. Soho Girls Fashion Show. BroadWay Shopping. Scholarships Tim. 24-hour phone support so don’t worry your PC/MAC/Laptops; we’re here to Help! Call:917-463-9818

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The VKingX CUNY Dragon Computer Repair in manhattan bridge area 5minutes . TIM IE Tim Jones (Trillion Jones) New York City College of Technology 3.8 GPA Scholarships Computer Engineering and WebDesigner . Tim’s Computer Repair $30 Tim’s Computer Repair $30 Tim’s web desinger $99 welcome come New York City. Big Big City Trillion Jones yellow pages Super Stars. New York. Tim's story in new york 1995 only speake english high school and most more pepole learn computer college take college. Tim have computer repair jobs more than 10 years. most hundson computer Engineering the area. Call:917-463-9818